COVID-19 Pastoral Care


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We trust you are well and keeping safe.

Covid-19 outbreak is surely a stressful and testing time for us and our children. Every child will deal with this phase very differently and respond in various ways. As you continue supporting the cognitive development of our children by assisting with the homework and projects sent home, I would like to share some tips/ activities you could utilise to build some social and emotional skills in our children and strengthen the family values.

  1. I) Establish a routine for both you and your family- Teach your child Self-Management and Self Organization

Routines provide structure and a sense of safety, which helps our students learn and take intellectual risks. Routines are important for adults, too. These kinds of crises can make us feel unmotivated or powerless, and a routine helps us keep focused and feel like we are in control. If you have children at home, invite the whole family to contribute to the creation of a daily schedule. Be sure to schedule in fun time, family time, and self-care when you can!

  1. II) Practice Self-Awareness.

Research shows that building a reflective practice is the first step we, as adults, can take in our own Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) journey. We can apply this advice to the current crisis. The more we are aware of our feelings, knee-jerk reactions, defense mechanisms, and relationship dynamics, the better we will be in taking care of ourselves and our students. Here are ways to do this:

Start a daily journal and use prompts to build your self-awareness like:

What went well today?

One thing I appreciate is…

An emotion I experienced today was…, and I felt this way because…

What didn’t work today? What can I learn from that?

One thing I learned about myself today is…

III) Exercise.

It goes without saying how important it is for us to be physically healthy during this time. Schedule time for your exercise routine.

  1. IV) Help your child develop social skills

Children learn social skills by mixing with different people and trying new things with encouragement and praise.

  • Talk to children about things they need to learn, ways they should act in different circumstances and what is expected of them when they are at home or outside of home (e.g. at the shops, at school)
  • Help build independence, responsibility and skills for teamwork by involving them in shared family activities like preparing meals, setting the table, unpacking the shopping
  • Play team games helping them in taking turns in a game, understanding rules for a game, and resolving arguments without fighting
  • Provide encouragement and praise. Tell them what they are good at. Tell them when you are proud of them. Thank them for their helpfulness.
  1. V) Write down your family values, goals and dreams – keep a journal on your family’s progress.

This is the time to reflect on rules and norms of the family. You can spend more time talking with your children and discussing with them the expectations and values of your family. You can listen to their stories and tell them yours.

We are committed to helping the community at large cope with the current situation. Kindly reach us on or +254701807681.

Stay Home and Keep Safe.